Choosing a Web Developer

Choosing the Right Website Developer

Having a website built for your business is a personal experience that should be handled in the same manner, you should have confidence in who you choose. Our approach is to be straight forward and up front, this way you know there are no hidden costs or unexpected issues.

After initial consultation with us, you will know what is going to happen, timeline and options for registration of your domain and hosting.

You will have confidence in knowing you can talk to the developer at anytime, get advice and be informed on the entire process and what you can expect.

Protecting Your Digital Assets
The approach your website developer uses is critical, many businesses use the all in one approach. This is a good method for many business owners, however, there are some red flags you need to be aware of.

I have spend a great deal of time over the last few years trying to recover clients sites and domains when the developers have gone out of business, or simply changed their pricing and principals.

If you have used a developer/development house to create your site, domain and hosting, then you essentially have very limited control and depending on the provider, you can end up loosing your site and your domain name.

Domain Name
The best way to look at your domain name is the same as your business name, you need to register it annually to keep ownership, but it should also be in your name with you as the key holder to access it. If a development house registers it for you, then they have control.

Similar to your domain name, when you pay for a website to be developed, you should have full control of it after release. The last thing you want is for a developer to have total control where you cannot change, move or edit it without permission. It is after all your website.
What happens if the developer goes out of business?

My Approach
If I register a domain for you, it will be under a standalone account that is handed over upon deployment of the website. With the hosting it should be handled in the same way. So regardless of what the future might bring, you have full control of your digital assets.

Avoid Website Packages
There are many website builders out there that offer a website package. I cannot stress enough that you should try to avoid this.

Why? Because the pricing will be based on a worse case scenario, so if you are looking for a 3-4 page website to meet your business needs, you will be paying for a much larger site to ensure the costs are covered.

If you have a large site, then the developers will be time pressured based on the price of the package, and this is not good either. Your website will be done with shortcuts and in many cases unfinished behind the scenes.

In many cases additional work on a website that is purchased via a package is also charged at a very high rate, pushing the cost of the site well beyond what you expected.

What to Look For in a Developer
A good developer will charge you for the hours they spend working on your website, most developers can give you a base estimate with exceptions. This way you have an idea of what you are up for cost wise while not paying for work you do not need.
Most of all, make sure you can pick up the phone and talk to your developer, communication is the key here.

Avoid Sales People
Building a website properly takes real knowledge, not just in how to use a framework like WordPress, but knowing what to put where, how to present information, wording and the best setup for your business.

Sales people will promise the world, and in the majority of cases misrepresent or over promise the end product to get the sale. If you cannot talk directly to the developer before purchase, then don’t risk it. Don’t forget you will be paying for the sales persons wage as well as the developer.