Social Media Tips

Facebook page

Facebook Banner – Use an image that sums up you and your business

Inset picture – use a picture of yourself and staff (try different views) this will humanize you and allow for association with your customers.

Posting – With your Facebook page keep the content active, you should be posting daily, and post between the key active hours, these are 7am – 8am, 12.30pm to 1.30pm and 5.30pm to 7.00pm. Use the stats from Facebook after each post (by checking the Viewed by Stats for each post) and you can adjust to suit best view times.
Don’t directly sell, instead build common interest and show an inside view of you and your business.

Tiny URL – For links to content provided by other sites etc, the link can be very long, in this case use to make the link much smaller. This will then not fill up your post with a massive link text and make it more readable.

Content Tips – Keep your content short and to the point, research shows that if you use any more than 10 words you start to loose viewers interest. Images are the key here and let the image sell your story, your post should be short with a
nice image that will promote your topic.

Keep It Human – Make sure you show a human side in your posts so that viewers can relate to it, Social Media is “Social”, so keep that in mind when creating posts.

Local Business – Also use “Promote Local Business” as a theme and promote other local events and business that does not conflict with you. This will lead to them promoting you in turn.


Company/Business Page – Setup a LinkedIn Company/Business page and then post to it regularly, then start inviting your contacts in LinkedIn to like your company page, this will then show your daily posts on their feed similar to Facebook. Depending on your business type and relevance to the LinkedIn audience, keeping in mind that the majority of people consider LinkedIn a live resume with business / corporate feeds on what is happening in their world.

LinkedIn is a professional version on Facebook without the social aspect. This means your posts need to be inline with this.
Don’t forget your postings should not be a sales ad, (this is ok from time to time) but rather a story or article that sparks interest and is of real value.

Linked Website

Links – Your website should be content managed so that you can make it work for you. Post articles to your website and then link to the article directly from Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +.

Images Etc – While a good looking professional site is important, you need it to work for you, focus on keywords in the content, link off to your social media pages. Promote your own site by linking from Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ in posts.
Make sure the images work for you, depending on how you set it up, it should show instant recognition for visitors and what you sell. Make contact information easy to get to and highlight it on the homepage.

Other Website Considerations

Metadata and Keywords – make sure your keywords are correct, think about what you would search for if you where trying to find you. As I stated I could not find you using the word chemist, so you should include that in your meta data and site content keywords. Use H1 and H2 tags on your titles and put keywords in the title to help promote them.

Homepage content – Keep you homepage content short and to the point, link off to more detailed information on other pages where needed. Make your site interesting so visitors what to come back.

Trending Topics – Post stories that are current and work with what is trending at the moment.

Stickers and signs – make sure you have signs that are promoting your Facebook page. That in turn will drive people to your website if you are posting regularly.

Promotion – Promote your Facebook page as much as possible and get others to promote it for you, you can use competitions as well to help you.