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Which Type of Site is Right For You?

Depending on the type of website you want to build, will determine the type of technology you should use.

  1. Do you want to update it regularly?
  2. Do you want to have the option to update the content yourself?
  3. Are you selling products or services online?

If you have answered any of these with “Yes” then you should consider a Content Management System that allows you to add and edit content as you need.

For online shops, you have a few options available including Shopify, WordPress with Woo Commerce Plugin or a Custom Solution.


WordPress is the most popular frameworks available today. This is for good reason too, the plugins available for WordPress extend its functionality, and provide a seamless environment to build just about any type of website.

From Online shops, web listings, online payments, or just a beautiful design, WordPress can do what you need it to.

WordPress can be slow, so when we build in WordPress Cache is very important and will impact your load time.
WordPress has redundant code, this means when you build a website with WordPress it will load code behind the scenes to make it work, and in many cases this code is “heavy” and caters for every option that may or may not use. So to get around this, it is critical to optimize the site and ensure its performing the best it can.

WordPress Websites


The Motifo system by Darling Downs Digital is a great option to create a professional website via their intuitive interface that will allow you to update and keep the content fresh with ease.

One of the main things about the Motifo system is its ease of use, this is a great advantage when it comes to building a website. It means developers can spend more time on design and website flow rather than getting features to work.

The system is hosted on Australian servers and has proven to be fast and reliable, with no downtime.

Motifo by Clearpixel

Hand Coded Website

We also offer hand coded websites, these sites are made to be highly efficient and to perform at their best all of the time.

We also make them with content managed sections that allow you to do minor updates to the page content, including a blogging function.

Additional integration and elements can be added as you require.

The Website can only be updated by a developers who can code.
Custom Coding costs more, it takes more time and when making changes, each update requires more coding.
Functions that might simply be a plugin for a content management system have to be built.

Other Frameworks

There are many content management frameworks out there today, all create websites, but some are more powerful than others.

Depending on the provider of your hosting will depend on the type of framework you can use.

There are some other great options out there like Motifo by Darling Downs Digital that allow you to build complex sites quickly and efficiently.

Talk to us about your options and what we recommend for your business.